Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Anke Weckmann's poster.

Anke Weckmann has designed a poster for the 'Travelling Menagerie' exhibition and Karoline has screenprinted about 60 of them, a few of which will be for sale at the Here and Now Gallery. We hope to have all sorts of 'Menagerie' based merchandise on sale at Here and Now throughout the duration of the exhibition and maybe even a bit longer.

Sarah Ray's poster.

Sarah Ray has designed and screen printed limited edition posters for the 'Travelling Menagerie' exhibition. As with most of Sarah's work the posters are witty and full of funny characters. They will be for sale at Here and Now Gallery as well as displayed around Falmouth and in some of our favorite shops. We might even give away a few in competitions or do some goodie bags for the first few visitors to the exhibition.

Invitation to the Travelling Menagerie exhibition.

Girls Who Draw invite you to visit their 'Travelling Menagerie' exhibition which will be at the Here and Now Gallery in Falmouth during July. The show features artwork from the 'Menagerie' postcard book alongside new work based on the same theme. The 10 illustrators participating in 'Travelling Menagerie' are Anke Weckmann, Mary Kilvert, Gemma Correll, Kate Hindley, Sarah Ray, Ruth Green, Yee Ting Kuit, Currentstate (aka Jane Anderson) Karoline Rerrie and Michelle Turton. We also have a special guest, the illustrator, screen printer and zine maker extraordinaire Helen Entwisle who sells work under the name  Memo. Helen has made zines especially for the 'Travelling Menagerie' exhibition.

Girls Who Draw present Travelling Menagerie
Friday 2nd July 2010 - Saturday 31st July 2010                                                               

Here and Now Gallery 
41a Killigrew Sreet 

Monday, 8 March 2010

13th International Contemporary Artists' Book Fair

2010 has been very busy so far and we've been neglecting this blog as well as other Menagerie Book related jobs. Hopefully all that will change soon and there'll be more time to keep everyone up to date with news of stockists, exhibitions and other projects. In the meantime this will have to suffice, Karoline is going to be in Leeds this Friday and Saturday for the Artists' Book Fair. She is exhibiting her own books and zines as well as some by Gemma Correll, Gareth Brookes and Julia Homersham. She might even have a few Menagerie Books left but they are very scarce these days.

Artists' Book Fair  
Friday 12th March 11am - 6pm
Saturday 13th of March 10am - 5pm
The Parkinson Court, University of Leeds