Friday, 2 October 2009

Anke's cover design

Anke Weckmann has designed a beautiful cover for the new Girls Who Draw postcard book. We are very lucky Anke could fit the book into her busy schedule especially as she has also contributed 2 postcard designs. This year the theme is Menagerie and alongside Anke are some of the original group of girls who featured in the Misfits book, including everyone's favorite illustrator Gemma Correll. Sarah Ray has taken a break from screen printing to come back for a second time with Jane Anderson (aka Currentstate), Yee Ting Kuit and Karoline Rerrie. But the fun doesn't stop there because Anke isn't the only new girl, we have artwork from the very talented Kate Hindley, Amy Timms, Ruth Green, Michelle Turton and Mary Kilvert. We're particularly pleased Mary has joined us as she wasn't able to last time so we've waited a whole year for her.

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